Future Roots


Future Roots – skills rooted in the past, for our future

Learn to make a yurt and to use your hands with tools and equipment from England’s rich history of woodworking at Future Roots. This group was established as a woodland restoration project in 2001 to help the Great Wood recover from the big storm of 1987 and is currently managed by Jonathan Kalviac.  This and other green woodworking and basic carpentry courses take place at Future Roots, Stanmer Organics and in the Great Wood at Stanmer Park, Brighton. Stanmer Organics is a consortium of inspiring organic land use projects, art and artisan workshops including Future Roots, all of which are right next to the Brighton Earthship where Jon has also taught many practical courses on earthship related green building methods ( www.lowcarbon.co.uk ). Jon also has an ecological and natural building company called Sylvan Homes- http://www.sylvanhomes.co.uk


We also host Green woodworking days on the third Saturday of the month, most months of the year.  From 10am to 2pm participants can learn to carve a spoon, make a bow, a bird house or rustic furniture (some projects will take more than one day). Then from 2 til 4 we have some food by the fire and bring offerings of music or stories to share.  Please email to book a place (sylvanhomes@yahoo.com).  This is currently being run as a “pay as you feel” event (donations amounts are up to participants).

Yurts are the evolution of nomadic Mongolian homes called gers. The yurt and ger, like Native American tipis, can be erected and taken down in a matter of hours or developed into more substantial buildings. Participants will go into the woods and select young, crowded trees for yurt poles in accord with forest recovery from the big storm of 1987. Future Roots aim in this regard is to share an awareness of sustainable woodland management in the South-East of England with a broader view of the subject everywhere. Following that first day the rough poles are taken to the woodland workshop to craft all of the elements of a time tested building over the following three days and finally erect a yurt at the courses end. From draw knifing to steam bending most tasks are repeated several or many times, giving one the chance to really learn to use tools and rustic plant of the green woodworker. Students of this course will leave with the skills and knowledge needed to make a yurt home or venue for rent or personal use. This course offers a foundation in yurt making, with transferable skills in green woodworking in general and carpentry. A tour of the Brighton Earthship on the last day of the course is also available for those interested.

We offer space for up to maximum 5 people per course.

Course located near landmark Stanmer House, Stanmer Park, Brighton.

Accommodation can be sought in Brighton and Hove, as well as camp sites in the greater Brighton and Hove area.

Transport – Number 78 bus runs into the park on the weekends (7-10 minute walk to course site) and number 25 bus to park entrance weekdays (17-20 minute walk). By train- Falmer station (20+ minute walk), parking also available a short (7-10 minute) walk from Future Roots or right next to workshop for those with mobility needs (the woodland section of the workshop is also possible due to intact rides through woods and all related issues are likely surmountable:)

Packed lunches.

For more information on this and other courses contact us at sylvanhomes@yahoo.com