Stanmer Organic Fruits

Our Project began in December 2018.

 We were lucky to inherit various currants, red, white and black, tayberries, and a few fruit trees, peach plums, and apples. We have added to the stock strawberries, cherries, grapes, blueberries, kiwis figs, damsons and quince and will continue to expand our stock. 

The Landworkers Alliance states that currently, UK production represents 58% of vegetables consumed, and only 11% is fruit. We paid a short visit to the supermarket to find out where our fruit was coming from. We found plums and apples from Italy, cherries from Chile, blackberries from Mexico, pomegranates from Spain, blueberries from Peru, nectarines and apricots from South Africa 76% of apples are imported to the Uk from overseas. 

So our mission is to see exactly what can be grown here and in time to become an organic fruit nursery. Share our knowledge of what can be grown in the Uk. When it’s in the season to educate about food miles, our carbon footprint freshness to the market shelf life. Empower our community to develop their knowledge using organic methods that promote biodiversity.

We are currently a not for profit social enterprise.

In July, there will be preserve making and pick your own days.

November pruning workshops. 


We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds. If this sounds like this is something you would like to be part of, please email.

Or text 07909618683 

 Regular volunteer days are 

Thursdays 10 till 3pm

Women only days the last Tuesday of each month.

Also, keep an eye on our social media for up and coming workshops and events.

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