Stanmer Organic Fruits

We are a new group formed in December 2018. We are renovating a half-acre fruit plot
that has mature loganberry canes, currants bushes of various colours, gooseberry
bushes, and peach, plum and apple trees.
We offer an opportunity for volunteers to learn about growing and tending soft fruits by
organic methods. A beautiful outdoor place to learn about what can be grown locally and
when their crops are in season. We will investigate which companion plants can be
grown successfully with the fruit in the conditions on the plot. In the fruiting season
there is also plenty of yummy organic fruit to pick for selling, and for picking to eat, take
away, cook and preserve.
In the first few months of 2020 we will be clearing the overgrowth and weed roots and
feeding and mulching the existing fruit plants.  During the fruiting season we will run a couple of Pick-Your-Own days and preserve making days. In the autumn there will two pruning workshops.
We welcome volunteers every Sunday between 11 and 4 during the colder months. And
also on Wednesdays from June-September.

We welcome all and everyone who would like to give volunteering in the beautiful
outdoors a try, or is otherwise interested in local growing or food or fruit.

If you would like any further information, or would like to volunteer please contact us
first to let us know you’re coming. Please email us at,
and look out for dates of events and workshops in the Stanmer Organics newsletter or